Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sea the Sea

Sea the sea
shadowed in the wind
of what I knew to be space
free and living as the sea
and freedom as the green
a dream made me to see
the blue wish made reality

Dream a Dream

dream a dream and live
live it as the sea
a forever ascending golden wing
the infinite rapture
of one thought unseen
of one passion never lived
it is the path most traveled
the rocky road beaten down forever
it is the trail of tears
forever destroyed within the red
the greetings of angels not
and i have not one thought
that i could share as a saint
nothing is the vine or the vain
the fallen face ventures not into rain
but into the stolen mirror
broken in Venice twisted in Janice

Go Past The Sea

go past the sea
the fallen way and jailed
every toe a story
all teeth nothing
the holding dream
of what was all mine

Story Untold

a story untold
to a soul such as me
the unknown world made pure
as the sea sings a song
of what was to be seen
and not heard
in the silence of my own
the story untold
in a thought so dim
a word so unsaid
it's been the same
as we've sailed the ocean red
the fallen monument to past
every freedom undone my dream
the lost is as the seen
every letter unwritten
all speeches unspoken
the story untold is awaiting the wind

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Open Doors

walls past me
the city lost
and the books
an expression
of the streets
the open doors
are the path
to life!

Lava Worlds

The red flames
consume each expression
ever more and ever more
constructing walls
of magma greater
and yet taller than the stars
every mountain gone
from the very foundations
of existence
the worlds of fire disappear!

Friday, 3 June 2011

A Dream Or Two

A dream or two
Seem to come and go,
Around a twisted tree
Of thoughts endless,
The branches growing
And growing in fluidity,
Each new creation
Another world!