Sunday, 28 February 2010

Dark Dreary

A dreamy glassy place
So endlessly placid;
Yet made on confusion
And questions alike;
Fallen hopes bothered
Most completely mitten;
Likened infinitely on
Day and nightly home;
Couldn't understand
Any or all titanic;
Feelings were plenty
In mostly absurd dark;
Cities were towering
And alleys lived in;
Honored was heart on
Unknown characters!


  1. I like what I am reading on your blog. There's some good stuff here. The only advice I would give is the same I give my students all the time--try playing with your poetic style and themes to shake things up a bit.

    I look forward to seeing what else you write!

  2. I truly appreciate the compliment and thanks so much for the advice I'm truly grateful.

    Thanks! I hope to continue and hopefully I'll get better.

    Most Gratefully
    Grant Guda
    The Wannabe Poet

  3. I really love this one. I love how it makes me feel and the imagery and the chaos. Very cool

  4. Thanks so very much it means a lot!