Sunday, 28 February 2010

Home Built on Hopes

The nails made plenty
And timber most strong;
Every beam seemed a
Task on its very own;
Pain was necessary
And struggle frequent;
Lasting boards laid
And walls most lifted;
Wires seemed endless
And switches infinite;
Doors were sturdy oak
And closets were bare;
Carpets were gone astray
And floors were wooden;
No paint was splattered
Or intricately woven;
Siding wasn't brought
And stove didn't include;
I labored with others
Day and night it seemed
Like an adventure crazy;
So many days of youth
Were worked on project;
Project of dreamy hopes!


  1. This was great! :D One of my favorite Bollywood actors helped build about 60 (I think) homes in India after the tsunami. This made me think of him. :)

  2. Sounds wonderful! I love to hear about people helping out others in need. It truly reveals the goodness in humanity!

  3. I love the emotional level and how you convey it so precisely. The nature of the work was staccato, each moment punctuated line by line, driving home just how hard it is to achieve even a basic need, like a home.

  4. Thank you very much I truly appreciate your kindness.