Sunday, 28 February 2010

Lakes for Thinking

O' Those Lakes for Thinking!
In childhood and youth
That water reflected;
On eye and mind made
Dreams most brilliantly!

O' Those Lakes for Thinking!
Mostly hopes thought
And created in mind;
Waves looked crazily
Flamboyant in soul!

O' Those Lakes for Thinking!
Seeking happy ripples
Upon that hill asleep;
Hoping for valiant
Futures completely!


  1. I like this one. I grew up around lakes and can relate to it! Thanks for visiting my little blog and the invitation. I will follow.

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I truly appreciate it!

  3. You are not a wannabe anything. You are a poet and writer from the inside out. Publishing is just for making money. Writing is for making you.

    I like the work. Are you always this prolific? Have you entered any contests?

    Do you meet with any other writers who can workshop your stuff?

    I don't post my work because I'm afraid of getting ripped off. Good luck to you.

  4. I do truly appreciate your kindness it means a lot and I do understand what your saying but I will always be a wannabe writer and poet. Even if I get published I'll still be one because I never want to become conceited. At least that's what I'm afraid I'll do if I actually start thinking that I'm good at writing. I just don't want to ever become full of myself.

    Well I wouldn't say I was prolific but your kindness really humbles me thanks so much but most of my poems are like this especially the ones I wrote during January. I haven't yet I have considered it though but I thought I should get others opinions first and practice for a few months. I've just started writing poetry again after stopping for years. I've been in college and it's been really taking up all my time but I wasn't able to go this winter quarter and I thought I should do something constructive instead of spending my days on YouTube or TV and I've spent way too much time on both in the past. :)

    No I haven't yet. I don't really know any writers or poets around where I live and I haven't looked for any clubs yet but I'll try to see if there is anything around. What is workshoping in the context that your using?

    I was afraid of the same thing at first but I just hope that people are honest and thank you very much!