Friday, 12 March 2010

Closed Mind

I didn't understand everything,
Many things still are confusing
And I am still thinking day,
Plus in the darkly night lived,
If only I could see the truth
Realized in life and world alike,
The places of peace have left me
Every love seems gone in the mist
Or the jagged cliffs against sea;
All the actions of goodness seem
Almost for nothing, when evil
Conquers so many in even morning;
It almost seemed totally hopeless
In every way to me when I was
Full of doubt and sadness powerful,
But even the powers of darkness
Could not stop the overwhelming
And completely complete strength
Of that thing that is total love!


  1. Lovely writing!

  2. love the conclusion :)
    about mind, well mind is a riddle that is not made to be answered, a song best unsung haha
    but if we drop mind as object and allow mind to function unimpeded as a lens.....
    bright blessings