Friday, 12 March 2010

Come And Understand

The world seems tricked;
In money and fame sought
So strongly in so many;
All we seem to think
Is about attention wanted
Or a scepter for power;
Do we realize the suffering?
The unseen millions hurting,
And the uncounted unheard
Children who scream justice;
It all seems cold everywhere
The hurting are not heard
And the corrupt rule nations;
Why does it seem so broken,
This Eden that used to hold
Understanding and reason?
The masses of good souls
Are not listened to at all;
Only evil seems to be spread
From the famous and powerful;
Is the dream for understanding
Dead and hopelessly gone?
Goodness will never die
And will never be taken from
This twisted place of Terra!


  1. Lovely poem! I catch your drift. Look at places like Haiti (after the earthquake, progress in humanitarian help is slow), the Middle East and Africa. Lots of misery going on. But (personal opinion here) I don't agree entirely to its content; the famous and powerful spread good things too! See the Maddox Jolie Pitt-foundation ( for example, or Oprah's Angel Network (

    Other than this, keep keeping the poetry alive! ;)

  2. Nice, well said. reminds me of a poem i wrote myself.

    Some go through things that are not pleasant and sweet
    It can be downright demoralizing knocking them off their feet
    It’s not always easy for them to lift themselves back up
    Fall deep enough and they’re bound to get stuck

    This is a shallow and superficial world by far
    Based on what your have and who you are
    Pockets of the powerful filled with pleasures
    As the working poor builds on those treasures

    If you are a politician or in a place to lead
    Life comes easy as the others easily bleed
    While the rest of them struggle to get it together
    Elitists add bricks to their loads instead of feathers

    Some work long hours in the mill, fields, or department store
    Only to get home to realize they have to rush back out the door
    No time for family, friends, relaxation, education or fun
    They are paid measly wages while taxing them a ton

    Unemployment is sky rocketing through the roof
    While corporations get bailouts for being such goofs
    Instead of giving tax dollars back to the struggling people
    The government is once again bailing out a corrupt steeple

    It’s all about greed and adding to the bottom line
    You won’t see integrity or principle in our time
    People are suffering and in pain all across our lands
    While elitists worry about what they can get in their hands

    The court systems are for the wealthy and connected
    They get away with crimes we wouldn't and are protected
    Insurance companies only want people to pay
    When it's time for a return they put the money away

    Violence, slavery and oppression is still around
    Terrorists is added on to an already long list of clowns
    As people try to survive and be alive for the next day
    Those that are in power are merry and gay

    Humility is slipping in every tick of the clock
    It should be humanity’s greatest bedrock
    As this world spins lost and out of control
    A child somewhere won’t reach five years old

  3. Hey! I like your style of writing.....nice piece of work.

  4. Josephine, thanks for reading it and for telling me what you think. The aspect of the famous not helping out, I was just talking in general. There are a lot of people helping others out and I hope more do in the future.

    Thanks Phoenix for the poem!

    Thanks Nehha, I am humbled.