Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Crystal Palace

On throne sent commands;
I was but a child young;
Ruling my own kingdoms
So very completely hidden;
Hidden from world, friends,
And family the same; power
Was simple and childish;
Mostly giving absurd tasks
So happily in that place
Of pillow and blanket alike;
Fallen were my virtues and
Conceited I did become,
For complete control was
Given to but a child confused;
In that world within a world;
On thoughts so infinitely!


  1. Thank you so muich for the comment!

    This reminds me of a prince in Europe that I have learned about, his name being "The Sun King" because his court thought that the reason for the sun rising and setting is him.

    I liked this a lot, thank you!

  2. how well you have described a child's world, so many emotions rolled in one poem :)

  3. you write with quite a classic poetic speech... or hints of yoda :-) either way, it's cool!

  4. I truly appreciate the kindness! Melissa thanks for sharing that it was very interesting.

    Watercats I truly am thankful for the comment and I just love how yoda is so wise "Do or do not there is no try!" I don't think I have as much wisdom though; I truly appreciate it though.

  5. I seen your comment on Mocha Peach Blog and I decided to check you r blog out. I love your poetry. I am a new follower of yours. Keep up the great work.

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  6. I also write poetry on http://intheknowofsuch.blogspot.