Monday, 1 March 2010

A Hug For Life

It looks like darkness,
Or possibly hatred, has
Become master but wait
What is this a heart a
Hug and how they are so
Plenty; roses did make
A smile or two; upon
Souls that suffered so
Completely; going and
Coming did occur for
So many days; yet those
Hugs a plenty were
Always there completely!
Understanding did triumph
Within hugs for caring;
Those arms made defending
So utterly and infinitely
Upon youthful calling!


  1. "...going and
    Coming did occur for
    So many days"

    This line says everything...

    (I will close my blog account you follow, because I had an error and it can't be managed. I opened an other one, this one. If you wish to follow it, you may do.)


  3. Love the hopefulness you have expressed here!

  4. I love this! And I agree, the sense of hopefulness here is inspiring!

  5. I am truly grateful for the kindness!