Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Vengenful Blemish

That thing most annoying!
On face, chin, nose, back,
And arm plotted hatred;
Trough a fated joke sent
Coming for horrendous bane;
Why did it bother so very
Much in unnumbered days?
What could cause such plot
Against a youth of my tiny
Stature not important at all?
Every minute so painful and
Nasty in endless activity;
Titanic pain like hammers
Dancing, felt upon my exterior!
It didn't seem fair to me;
Every moment was stressful,
So insane vengeance made
Against me infinitely in
Seemingly planed conquests
Of skin and flesh clear!
Dreaded medication; forced
Was I to use; only for just
A short time of peace gained;
All those wars were won and
Lost so very completely past!


  1. this was intense... nice writing here! I like the fact it reads so tightly.. cheers!

  2. Thanks so very much I truly appreciate it!

  3. I like the flow of this one.

    How a blemish is not just a mark on the skin, but how it affects the psychology of the person afflicted. Beauty is meant to be skin deep, yet it manages to permeate so many facets of our life. And like that, blemishes on anything seem to run so much deeper than those shallow thoughts.

    Also I was on adalpalene and high dose antibiotics for 2 months for my skin, so I all too understand what a bitch of a battle it is.

  4. LM your words are so much more explaining, I truly appreciate your comment it is very eye opening, thanks so much!