Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Far Lost

As far as I know
We are taken away,
To places of dismay
And injustice everyday,
As far as I can tell
All the world has fallen,
To places of hate
And war so baneful,
As far as I feel
The place of love
Has been lost from me
And this place,
As much as emotion
Can send me a message,
I know the world is
Broken and suffering,
We need to return to
Places of caring and
Wonderful holding forever.


  1. Yes we need to return to places of caring ! When I go about my simple day I see the lives of others and how i can affect them - with indifference? with disrespect or with care and respect. I need to be feeling good myself to deal with care. Pay the care forward. We are all interconnected. It is for the greater good.

  2. I agree need to see what we can do to help others around us and try not to be full of greed, we need to seek out that thing of sharing care.