Friday, 2 April 2010

Finding That Closing

My quest for that endless time
Was to find most closing door,
Most closing souls expanding,
All my heart seeked was closing.

Every day was a harder search
For the next closing thought,
From every second was exposing
The endless unexpressed closing.

Diamonds were shining within eyes
Like the closing I hunted for,
The closing was laminating like
Rosy rubies so expressive in night.

Fires of most ferocious faking
Were contemplating on that closing,
That fire was most waving in emotion
In foaming bowl was exempting.

Flowered walls were so making
From that thing of closing alienated,
Daises were expressing disdain
For any expression in closing.

That thing of closing was like
Fullest hopes fallen forever more,
Closing will continue to confuse in
Chased coronations of complete expectation.

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