Saturday, 17 April 2010

Goodness Shall Return

No matter the power
Of corruption or evil,
Freedom shall arise
From the ashes of war,
Peace will come before
All in future time.

Freedom will be like
A blaring horn in spring,
Freedom will be like
A wave crashing on thorns,
Freedom shall come now
And will forever be.

All this life will
Be overcome by goodness,
All this world will
Be reborn in liberty,
All this brokenness
Will healed from mercy.

Wars shall end in the
Fevers of love so pure,
Wars will be no more
In new epoch of caring,
Wars of the fallen will
Come to noting in future.

Hatred will die in this
Coming eon of passion,
Hatred shall crumble in
The new days of affection,
Hatred will fall to zero
Strength in holding arms.

Baneful actions of evilness
Will no longer be a threat,
Baneful feelings of darkness
Shall be erased from light,
Baneful empires will fall
To ruin in the days of love.

Lies of the corrupt will
Not exist in pure goodness,
Lies of callused hearts
Will be forever diminished,
Lies of horrendous monsters
Shall not hurt any longer.

Caring of wonderful mothers
Shall be supreme in infinity,
Caring of truly good father's
Will be the norm forevermore,
Caring from savior of this
Place will be sent unhindered.

Demons will be sent to prison
For the protection of children,
Demons shall not be found
In those golden streets of love,
Demons from inside and outside
Will be vanquished for goodness.

Bowls of fire will laugh in great
And joyous expectation of love,
Bowls of music shall express
Titanically felt days forever,
Bowls of passionate hugs will
Send feelings of passion to all.

Justice shall scream in happiness
In that day when goodness arises,
Justice will tell false souls
To go away from gates of caring,
Justice so true will shield
The hurting and abused in caring.

Virtue will reign in true light
Within that kingdom of forgiveness,
Virtue Shall conquer all the dismay
Within broken hearts and fallen hope.
Virtue Will forever be a daily recipe
In place of truly golden harpists.

Hopes of the heart will be fulfilled
In a great party of the rescued,
Hopes of suffering children will
Be given to realization in awesomeness,
Hopes of all pure silent servants
Everywhere will be humbly given.

Roses of pureness shall be held
They shall be smelled for loveliness,
Roses of caring hearts will be given
A home in that place of silver clouds,
Roses of affectionate hands shall
Be freed from dark stony prisons.

Goodness will be expressed everyday
And every night for all eternity,
Goodness so honored shall be lifted
In that place of saints and angels,
Goodness shall return for the broken
In this world and Eden shall arise.

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