Friday, 2 April 2010


Home is where the love is,
That's all thy want is
Wondered home complete,
In mind and soul want for
All time and for eternity,
I want to find that place,
Of most diamond closing,
That fire of awesome toning,
All is a quest for home,
For place of understanding
Year and all together.


  1. What love does a home hold.

    On a thick rug..Fireside... laying by the waistside.
    Not naked. With clothes on.
    You understand me. I don't have to fight for YOU to get me.
    My friend. My love. My one.

    How endearing the kiss is.
    So quiet, I can hear you breathing.
    Only pure. Nothing perverted.
    No games or gimmicks between us.
    How real...this is.
    My heart, my love, my home.

    Passions stirring beyond all measure.
    Reality is me standing thre in home in any weather.
    Heart beating, mind sweeping, chest heathing.
    Fire roaring, passion soaring. Safety is in your eyes.
    Please keep looking into my mine
    until...sleep takes them over.
    My heart. My love...My one.
    Home, is what this is. (Ms. Meetta)

    Mr. Guda, I wanted to comment so simply, but I'm not known for that. You inspired me. It only took a minute.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your feelings, it was very wonderful, the emotion was fantastic and I loved your expression of those amazing feelings, thanks so much Meetta!