Monday, 19 April 2010

Pure Golden Land

As far as my eyes could see
Were trees of golden glory,
As far as my eyes could see
Were towering forests pure,
As far as my eyes could see
Were amazing expressive oaks.

The hills of imaginations
Were expanding so infinitely,
The golden grass of emotion
Was enveloping my heart,
The silver falls of caring
Were uniting in pure freedom.

All the fires of passion
Were giving honor to affection,
All the streams of mercy
Were flowing with protection,
All the mountains of youth
Were sending untold hugs.

Yes this land exists this
Place is here hidden from bane,
Yes all goodness is here
And it breaks corruption,
Yes eternity shall come
The place of golden Eden will be.


  1. Wonderful imagery. This was just incredible!

  2. Thanks so much I really appreciate the kindness!