Sunday, 11 April 2010

Stars of The Sky

During summer nights so endless
Within my wildly exciting childhood,
So masterfully thinking in many
Ways and many days so thoughtfully
Brought to a boy such as me, so
Young and childish in stature
And in mind so small and growing,
I was seeing sky so strongly huge.

For a time in life, during watchful
And seeking days was a young child
So pondering expansively and epically
Formed sky so wonderful in color,
Those white dots that formed in thy eyes
Were so fantastic in my youthful mind,
Every single expression of the universe
Was brought to a miniature body as me.

Minutes seemed to pass in silent soberness,
Every second was as an epoch in slowness
And thoughtful appreciation of infinity,
The ages of all time were before my sight,
Trillions of massive round burning bowls
Were before my two avid looking eyes,
Billions upon billions of miles away
I could see, a sea of light was before me.

In complete and indescribable awe was stuck,
For I saw Gods hands at work before the sky,
Yes Gods hands were before my eyes in childhood,
I still see the vastness and beauty of Gods
Most caring hands everyday within my journey,
So many emotions come upon me whenever I gaze
At the hands of God in the sky during any night,
I will forever feel the love of God so eternal.


  1. Lovely childhood. :)
    I like the way you write all these updates.
    You express a lot.
    I follow you, if you don't care. ^^
    Best whises!

  2. Thank you, it was a rather fantastic time in life, thanks for reading them I truly appreciate it! Go ahead I love to hear others opinions and ideas.