Thursday, 1 April 2010

You Are a Lie

You are a lie
Wherever I went,
You kept me thinking
In wondering doubt,
You pushed my mind
To dangerous levels,
You lived in bane
Forever tricking.

You are a lie
Always in life,
You damaged my trust
So needed in youth,
You invested pranks
On many universally,
You created fires
Of most deception.

You are a lie
Conquering the world,
You gave me horror
In every word expressed,
You were a fake
Very powerful indeed,
You opposed honesty
At every opportunity.

You are a lie
Keeping all wealth,
You grew all greed
Soliciting new pain,
You were a monster
Within most sanctuary,
You seemed pleased
In your sickness forever.

You are a lie
Whenever all hoped,
You killed a dream
Of most needed change,
You were a traitor
To freedom untitled,
You built your empire
On sadness and grief.

You are a lie
Salivating forever,
You didn't care at all
Of poverty so taking,
You seemed a star
But only in self delusion,
You frequented corruption
Wherever seemed easy.

You are a lie
Infinitely forsaking,
You vaulted feelings
Of self pity on all,
You thought yourself
A leader of all,
You expressed sayings
Of eloquence prompted.

You are a lie
Seeking election,
You had a talented
Plan of bribery,
You held all in lies
Mostly mesmerizing,
You captivated me
And fellow believers.

You are a lie
Erasing all goodness,
You seem on mission
For self feelings,
You testified for change
Yet never did help,
You wasted all time
In stupid quests.

You are a lie
Crusading for injustice,
You seemed good
But only for moments,
You make continued threats
Against liberty wanted,
You seem opposed
To any true thinking.

You are a lie
Smashing all joys,
You campaign for own wants
And not others unified,
You called for peace
Yet continue the pain,
You looked so better
But you betrayed all hopes.

You are a lie
Seemingly falling,
You are soon replaced
And that shall be triumphant,
You will never gain
Beginning fame again,
You shall be erased from
Minds all understanding.

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