Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Music Is Life

The bells ring in expression
Giving me a clear feeling,
Of complete and pure affection,
Even when the hammers of war
Bang upon the swords of hurt.

The endless flutes of merciful
Angels gives me complete hope,
For the future that awaits me,
Yes I have great hope for future
Even now when spears clash.

The infinite harps of saints
On the bountiful white clouds,
Gives me a feeling of protection,
Protection that's so very complete
Even as the trumpets of hate sound.

The eternal music of pure love
Gives me an assurance of victory,
Yes heaven sends me peaceful glee,
Even when this broken Eden is chained
In all greed and wars complete!

The music gives me a fullness of life
And the complete armor of expression,
I am here in avid attention seeking,
And yes finding the shores of peace
In the clouds and the stars of soul.

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