Sunday, 9 May 2010

Rain On My Face

As I walk the lonely streets
I feel an emotion coming around
All of my being and body,
An emotion of the universe.

I feel the tears of angels on my face,
Yes the sadness of angels drops to me
And drips down the scars on my face,
For the heavens are crying for us always.

Crying for mercy to come to all the
Children of this shattered place,
Crying for justice to break the chains
Of rusty corruption from goodness everywhere.

Heaven wants peace to return to this lost
Garden of hidden affection boxed in hate,
God wants us to find and understand love
As it should be, pure and simple without
Greed or bane, without thoughts of pain,
God wants us to find pureness again and,

God sends us the rain to remind us of the way!

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