Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Unknown Am I

Unknown am I
In this world,
This globe
Seems to take
And yet never
Returns a hand
To the poor,
This life is short
And money lost,
My wallet small
And coins taken,
I feel as slave;
That's what I am,
I am unknown
To the rich all,
Every day's
A struggle,
A struggle to find,
To find the table,
To find movement,
I have no car,
While you live
With almost thirty,
I sometimes starve
While you're eating,
You seem very greedy,
Or maybe just uncaring,
I am unknown to you
And your friends,
This may be
For every hour,
This may stay
For every decade,
I am a worker
And a citizen,
I care for all
And live in poverty!

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