Thursday, 26 August 2010

Always A Seeker

In this life of questions
I seem to always be a seeker,
Trying and looking for
The answers that I want,
Many days and nights
And even years pass
With nothing at all to see,
In many a feeling I feel
Nothing and see nothing,
But in one revelation
What seemed to be a life time
I saw the truth reveal
Itself to me and my heart,
I heard the truth spoken
To me the seeker forever,
I felt the answers fill me,
The endless answer of eternity
And life was given to me
A book of feelings was released
Within my seeking mind,
And I was freed within,
To an endless place of joy
And laughter with no pain
Was I free of the trials
And the hurt that jailed me,
I was free in hope and joy,
For the answers had been
Given to me and my heart
And I could see the light
Of Jesus Christ the Savior
Of all mankind past and future!

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