Sunday, 22 August 2010

Reflections of A Past Life

A vision or two
I had just yesterday,
A vision of empire
And small mice,
A hidden message
Of war and guilt
And sadness came too,
In this vision
Was very lost within,
A random trial
Came before me
And I seemed to fail,
Yes failed I did
Multiple times,
Again and again,
Yet I never gave up,
I stayed in the vision,
Trying another time
And seeking forgiveness,
For the vision
Was terror locked
Within me solid,
But I'm free of it now,
And goodness I seek,
For the rising waves
Are inside to shake,
Never give in to hate
Or greed, never let go
Of love and peace,
This is what I learned
Within my reflections,
Of a past life I knew
Was never going to be!


  1. Thanks for the comment. :) I'm actually a curriculum developer and edit books occasionally for publishing companies. I'm loving the poetry. I have a whole journal of my own just full of the good stuff--and I appreciate your love of poetry! you rock.

  2. loved it! I can really relate to this one with what i am going through ;) thanks!

  3. You're very welcome Michelle, that must be a pretty interesting job, thank you so much for your kindness. Poetry is a pretty awesome thing, what led you to write? Thank you so much I really appreciate the encouragement!

    I'm so glad to hear, hoping everything is going well within your life!