Saturday, 13 November 2010

Living Is Wonderful

Living is wonderful,
Seeing the birds sing
And the roses dance,
Is a wonderful sight,
Hearing a child laugh
Is a privilege to behold,
For living this life
Is very wonderful!


  1. Life is a gift indeed. It is wonderful to be living sometimes. It is wonderful that some thing has given us the energy to live. It is wonderful to see life around us and you have expressed this sentiment beautifully in your poem.
    "Hearing a child laugh
    Is a privilege to behold"
    I like this line particularly as it gives me a feeling that life is joyful.

  2. It really is this simple - SING DANCE LAUGH (an alternative name for your poem) it is wonderful

  3. I love this. you can use it on cards and make others happy with it. wonderful.

  4. Thanks Madhumakhi for telling me your thoughts on it and thanks so much for reading! Yes as you say life is a gift that we all must be grateful for.

  5. Monica as always your kindness gives me so much joy!