Saturday, 23 January 2010

Day of Bane

Remember these days of happiness,

These days of blissful joy and glee,

Remember this age of justice and law,

Don’t forget the freedom and liberty,

The society of free speech and open debate,

Always see the goodness in the mankind,

Even when none can be found,

Search and look for it, treasure it,

Treasure it like a priceless smile,

Or a rare to find giddy personality,

Hold onto these days of unguarded love,

These momentous times of triumph,

Times of victory and thorough morality,

Guard this day this day of hugs and kisses,

Protect the right to love and be loved,

Never let the hate surround you.

Push away pain of cruelty and malice,

Make virtue and moral your president,

Send the message of hope to the children,

Plan the future around dreams and kindness,

Do all these things for Bane will have its day.

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