Saturday, 23 January 2010

Mercy and Sky

Wind and sky trip over the dew,

They dance and play as through,

A wondrous eye can achieve,

Can see and run with most openness,

And all that can be is that which is now,

The day’s great open and narrow escape,

We hope to find those that would mood,

That which can be hidden and swept under sight,

To all who would find their most needed rest,

Their heavenly dance as lost as can be,

We hope to search those most wondrous dreams,

Those that will sing and jump with most glee,

That we would see those harmonious strings,

And in exaltation hail love supreme,

We row and swim in race to seek lost joy’s,

Those joy’s that were forgiven most fluently,

We live and do as we would unveil that, which is,

Most and all holy and a true goodness found an evil broken,

In mist and darkness we prevail as light takes hold and,

Mercies sword takes flight we will live most happily in day and night,

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