Saturday, 23 January 2010

Deceit and Hate

The days are cold and dark we sit and are pushed aside,

Our feelings not felt our soul not heard our very being ignored,

Can we hope to see the future in a world such as this?

Can we live in deceit and lies, can we live in fake and darkness find?

What are we to do in a place of hate and holy vanity,

A place of baneful actions and open pain not seen,

In this we are hurting and yet our cries are not heard,

Can you see our pain our limitless hole suffering and decadence,

We are as water on rocks and spread thin as butter we are not firm,

We are not sturdy as the shore we do not stand tall as the trees,

In hope as hate can we find a better home and choose,

For the place to be a better place to be,

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