Friday, 22 January 2010

Suns Wane

All of the days open to be the suns light,

The dawn of ages has arisen in darkness,

All days seen in the night are the days gone,

Can we see him who is the younger light,

Light is like the salt of the sea it flows yet is still,

Its courses do shine through abyss after abyss,

That comes back to the yellow beam of vertical,

Those open and gleaming shining new ways,

Which cannot hope to conquer unless it’s full,

A millennium has gone and yet it’s still true,

The world its companion and lover sometimes,

But Mercury at times its closest friend,

Earth keeps its meaning to that big bully thing,

It’s vanity is complete and yet we still want,

We give it a cheer and two toasts to its health,

All now it’s deadly and yet it gives life,

It feeds and holds us to rock us to bed,

And brings a good welcome to all who would heed,

It wills its way to center and holds its family,

The waning can’t be stopped , but still have faith,

That thing we call life will still call our name,

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