Friday, 22 January 2010

A Worry Prevails

Worry in the day of judgment,

Can we be, so hopeful?

Though in the darkness,

We can arise from our fears,

Those fears that are broken,

The ones that have given, so little,

Can we not be so thoroughly dim witted?

And thus we jump into the light of day,

A new world we see on the horizon,

The horizon of death and suffering,

Yet can we see the love of ages,

The love that is infinite in scope,

And infinite in thought the love that can,

Break away the fears and doubts that,

Fill our hearts and minds alike,

Those nagging things that creep and,

Swipe any kindness that has a strength,

But fight it and fight it until it dissipates,

And dream and hope for better days,

For we are though when darkness prevails,

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