Friday, 26 February 2010

Confusions of Love

Confusions of love,
Were so plenty in,
Youth and childhood,
Both were made on,
Rejection and doubt!
Confusions of love,
Made endless days,
Of worry and wonder;
Souls seemed taken;
Heart made to ruin!
Confusions of love,
So naked my feelings,
And dashed hopes alike;
Complicated was mind,
And love seemed silly!


  1. oh, where would be without it? and what we would write about????? :) i think this piece to be adorable

  2. I know what you mean; life would be a dim place without it and a simply one it's kind of a paradox of shorts and thanks I'm glad my childhood feelings came through a little bit.

  3. believe me the confusion continues even as we age...very well expressed :)

  4. I appreciate the compliment it means so much!