Friday, 26 February 2010

Plentiful Lists

Lists of school,
And business,
Made priority!
Lists of life,
And family,
Sent to ruin!
Lists of money,
And power,
Wanted fully!
Lists of love,
And mercy,
Lost at times!
Lists of bane,
And hatefulness,
Vaulted on mind!
Lists of caring,
And feeling,
Burnt at times!


  1. This one I find confusing. I can't get a grip on what you're trying to say, but then that's poetry, right? Free for interpretation. :) Perhaps its meaning will take shape if I read it again later.

  2. I wasn't feeling to much when I wrote it. I was just thinking how the stress of life can sometimes take our attentions away from what is most important: love, kindness, mercy, understanding etc... I sometimes write very badly and don't really think while I'm writting and this was one of those times.

  3. In life we forget the most important things and chase those that shouldn't really matter...deep poem

  4. It is very true that darker sides of life can sometimes get the better of us. I appreciate your kindness but did you really think it was deep? I kind of thought it wasn't.