Friday, 26 February 2010

Fury of Feelings

That Fury of Feelings!
Made to think
And sulk,
Made to understand,
And consider,
Made to care,
And hide,
Made to flee,
And retreat!
That Fury of Feelings!
Made to sing,
And write,
Made to look,
And run,
Made to seek,
And leap,
Made to oppose,
And reject!
That Fury of Feelings!
Made to beam,
And laugh,
Made to hug,
And push,
Made to defend,
And protect,
Made to yell,
And proclaim!


  1. Just wanted to thank you for the invite here. I'll be looking around at your blogs for awhile today.

  2. I found it interesting that you put that comment on my nonsense blog instead of my poetry blog. :) Anyways, I like it! I'll definitely follow! :)

  3. I love this poem, I think it is a shot in the dark. That is an insightful poem and so thought -provoking one!
    Betty :)

  4. Mary your welcome and I truly appreciate that you like this poem so much that you'll actually look at others I'm grateful.

  5. Sorry I didn't know :) I'll have to go back and check it out. I'm glad you liked the poem enough to follow my small try at poetry; I really appreciate it Catie.

  6. I truly am grateful that you liked the poem enough to spend some priceless time and tell me, I'm truly appreciative Betty.

  7. WOW!

    Sometimes poetry sums up and shares life in such a way that simply cannot be expressed any other way. Puts the puzzle together, separates and defines, makes sacred and whole... art as necessity!


  8. Hey, thanks for the invite to follow your blogs. Your poetry is really good and i will be reading them often! I'd just like to say that with poetry (and life in general), you just have to let your heart speak and not let anything get you down. Always think positive and be happy.

  9. Fury! Fury!...Hmm. Some people live like this. We may not know many... or maybe we're just over looking them. They are the ones who live out loud! The ones we usually don't understand.

    PASSIONATE POPLE, who live life SO FULL. SO FREE. Rush of feelings, Rush of energy...rush of life and all the it gives. They live life, they look, learn and absorb life! They Feel life and and all that it has to offer...even the bad moments, sad moments. They take time to reflect in them. They take time to be thankful for them, (those moments that may not feel so great, but have SO MUCH to offer.
    THOSE MOMENTS that take us into other realms, where we discover our strength, purpose and depth. Those moments ...that ARE SO FULL of Fury!

    Well done my friend. Well done!

    Meetta of ms. Meetta

    A small try at poetry huh! Oh ! My new really have no idea of what you have to give do you? Or are you so just SO HUMBLE!..(which is by the way an absoulte wonderful vitrut to have.

  10. I meant "VIRTUE." My mind moves faster than my fingers.
    sorry for all the typos.

  11. Grant, you are very gifted. I'll be happy to follow you.

  12. I truly appreciate the compliments it means so very much and I love the advice it gives me a lot to think about.