Friday, 26 February 2010

Vampire Vs. Valiant

A demon of shorts,
Lurked upon souls,
And hunted goodness,
To destroy love,
And kindness all!
A hero of shorts,
Made goodness thy,
Shield and love,
Turned to a thundering,
Spear for mercy!
The demon fought,
And tormented the,
Great and noble hero,
Only to find a,
Spear of love in heart!
No more was the demon,
And good hero made,
A plentiful and,
Infinite laughter,
Upon forsaken evil!


  1. I liked this poem a lot. And thank you for the invite to your page, I'll be checking it out more later on. Feel free to follow and check out my blog as well. I also do poetry from time to time as well as random writing. =)

  2. I like this poem & the sudden shift towards the end. And I'm a big fan of vampires.

    Give a poet a pen

  3. Glad you liked it Emily. I truly appreciate it!

  4. I greatly appreciate it Hayes and I'll come around your blog in the future; from what I've read so far you are a great poet!