Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Long Waiting Love

Where is that thing of love?
That thing of true, pure
Love so wonderful fully;
I want to find it in heart,
Soul, and emotion alike;
From every moment waiting,
So lost without another so
Pure, passionate infinitely;
The long road ahead seems
So fearfully vacant of any
True feelings for loving;
My life seems somewhat dismally
Lonely without real soul mate;
Looking feels seemingly hopeless
And for endless time spent
Talking from heart completely;
To friend and admired the same;
True love seems lost to me;
For all eternity walking!


  1. This strikes a chord for me Grant. My parents divorced almost 4 years ago after 50 years of marriage. They grew up together and had known each other since the ages of 3 and 6. My father (for reasons no one will ever comprehend because it was SO out of character for him) found another woman. He is 70 and this *&#^$# is 32...only 5 years older than his oldest granddaughter. Our entire family was/is/will always be heartsick over this. My siblings and I have nothing to do with him now. It was not that way before. He was the best father, grandfather, uncle, husband, son anyone could have ever wanted. We'll never understand why tis has happened. I say all that to preface this: my mother cannot move on with her life. She is frozen in time emotionally. She is completely and utterly adrift without him. There are times when I've seen her hopeless, dismally lonely, always waiting. I know her road ahead is feafully vacant (an excellent phrase by the way). If not for her abiding faith...I do not know how should would have made it.

  2. "Talking from heart completely: To friend and admired the same;"

    One wonders about love, finding that 'ONE TRUE". Is it possible,I wonder too! So much written about love, so little exposed about how to to achieve that which our souls and hearts REALLY need and so often times, desparately want...'THAT SPECIAL ONE!"

    Been in love twice. But never REALLY loved back. Never "celebrated by another. Never married. Never felt like 'THE SPECIAL ONE'.
    Tried to settle, but my heart, soul and mind won't let any satisfaction come from that. I keep hoping, and then I then I hear about couples like the one above. Amazing marriages, so I thought, utterly oblitereated. Is it worth it? I wonder. My flesh says yes!

    ...Then I think I should pray to God for "the gift of singleness". To be able to be completely content as I am. Again, even with that, my heart an soul can't seem to find satisfaction.
    What I'm saying is I can relate to this one! It evokes my emotions. Very good. That' s why I like reading your stuff!

  3. I don't think it's lost. It just feels like that sometimes... unfortunately...

  4. Catie you're right, but that waiting period is pretty stressful.