Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Hope For Better Days

I hope, I dream,
Of better days
So very wonderful!
Better times felt,
Fantastic colors
Seen and tasted!
Please give this
One wish of mine!
A better world
For the meek and
Small; A place of
Vast happiness on
Kindness, caring,
And endless hugging
Made; those naked
Hurting feelings
Would no longer be
Felt in that hope
Of a better time;
In that victorious
Bowl of eternity!


  1. don't we all wish for better days. for the pain to go away. for the problems to dissipate...

  2. Mr. Guda,
    Upon reading your writings, I have decided to accept your request of adding my "poetic advice" (as you put it) to your blog. If the offer still stands of course.

    I think it an amazing opportunity to seize. What of my writings would you require? I write on many subjects as you know.

    How and on which one of your blogs would you want me to go about posting my writings? Feel free to email me to get it squared away. Thanks again for your request.

  3. So intense & powerful.

  4. wow... i wish for those days 2....sigh.your poems are wonderful,tho.i enjoy reading poems that reflect how I feel.

  5. Sometimes it's not that we are in "bad" times or "good" times. Sometimes it's just a matter of opening our eyes. I think we all wish to live in open eyes all the time. There is much to be seen.

  6. I like the content of all your poems. They are insightful and deeply felt.
    The main constructive note I have is that the poems may flow better if you break the lines at different points. I'm not quite sure how the meter works some of your poems. Maybe that's just because I'm not as well acquainted with free verse. I just think that some of your lines would be better phrased if included in one line instead of always broken, mid-sentence, into another line.

    Keep up the good work!