Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Many Roads Traveled

I spent all my waking hours
Thinking and pondering life;
Wondering of the universe
And having so many questions;
Why was there death, why was
There suffering? I was a child
Very obsessed with the world;
Every single injustice that was
Within this place I fought with
A childish determination, but
Now that I'm grown and have
The power to change the world,
What will I do in this place?
I feel determined to fight the
Good fight yet it seems so very
Hopeless in this corrupted Eden;
The powers that be seem to twist
Every goodness in this place to
A small unseeable thing, not strong
Enough to win any oppositions;
But we are many and I am not alone;
Justice will arise again in this
Broken flower; this place of Eden!


  1. I really like this poem. Great thoughts, Corrupted Eden. Perhaps evil is twisted good.