Monday, 8 March 2010

Song For The World

This is a song for love,
This is a song for peace,
This is a song for mercy!

This is a song for understanding,
This is a song for discovery,
This is a song for inspiration!

Every day we go about this world
Working and moving, writing and
Saying, every second, second guessing
Our very souls and wondering about
The future in which we live!

Fire can't control our dances for love,
Or the very screams we make for peace,
Nothing can take our freedoms away,
No man no tyrant, no ideas for power,
None have the strength to take away
Our love for understanding and mercy!


  1. I have enjoyed looking round your blogs, reading your poetry and stories - I shall visit you again! Thank you for visiting mine.

  2. I can feel the hope in every word! We need this kind of positivism to rule our lives. Write on!

    BTW, I really liked how you used the word 'second' on "Saying, every second, second guessing", very effective, it made me read it twice and taste its meaning.

  3. It's so true, "nothing can take our freedoms away", but we have to remain awake. Thank you for the reminder!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. This poem reads like the lyrics to a heartfelt song. I can hear the drumbeat now...

  5. Hello!
    I've just found your message in my e-mail box!
    Thank you;-)
    I like the spirit of your poems and I'll visit again:-)

    Have a nice week with loads of stars shining in your sky*******

  6. Hello!

    You wrote on my blog, thank you for your appreciation of my poetry!
    I have read some of your pieces of poetry, but I must say I didn't like them very much... I probably share your interest in beautiful things and in idealism or things like these but I don't really like how you write about them. We have very different styles, and I respect yours, but I'm sorry I don't like it.
    While you are trying to speak about hope, about love, the world, the universe or whatever, I try to describe my feelings about those ideas, I think.

    Anyway, nice to meet such a different way of thinking/writing :)