Friday, 26 February 2010

Glassy Broken Tears

Those tears I cried,
For unknown children,
And suffering victims;
Those feelings I felt,
Of hate and killing,
Against vile monsters,
That crept in shadows;
All my youth I spent,
Wanting to avenge,
Hurts and injustices,
That were not done,
To me but perpetrated,
Against ones I loved,
And cared for; evils,
That shouldn't exist,
And hideous thoughts,
That were carried out;
If only I were there!
Could I have changed,
Past and actions already,
Made upon children!


  1. I haven't the time to read any more right now...I have a kickboxing class to get to. However, I love what I have read so far. You write from the heart and through some pain if I'm not mistaken. There is powerful alchemy in that.

  2. I truly appreciate that you spent time out of your day and checked my poetry out. I've tried to express hard situations and feelings in my life but also the triumphs and victories but there are many resentments still in my heart towards all evil. I hope you can find some joy or release within the poetry. It hasn't been my intention at all to make people dispair but I'm glad you like what you've read so far I'm very greatful.

  3. I always find joy in poetry. Not everything in this life is lollipops and sunshine and those things must be written about as well. Some don't have the sensitivity to cover those subjects with dignity though. I think that is a talent in and of take something that is difficult to look at and find a way to wring beauty out of it. Good job...I will read more.

  4. My, my my! Never apologize my friend, for where your writing takes you!

    I want to say much! But I can't! As I said, my mind moves faster than my fingers. I think with such fury. A passionate writer myself, I am one who writes with un- abandon. I write from what I know.
    I write from my heart without apologies. I used to apologize and try to temper what I wrote, until I found my freedom and until I found out that is the best writing of all because I was writing about what I know. People recognize and appreciate truth. The listen to it, "they "feel" it. They appreciate "realness". Those who appreciate "good writing".

    You are writing in truth also....Your own! That makes the best writing. It makes the bes "reading".
    I like what this lady had to say.

    People will get out of your writings what they need and discard the rest. But the point is...THEY WILL GET!

    Ok enough now! Gotta write on my own blog. I have 13 "columns" to update every week and I'm behind. I will be stopping in to this site from time to time. I quite enjoy. I'm glad Mr. Grant, that you checked out my blog, so I could check out yours. It is quite amazing. I agree with all of the many people who are reading your stuff. Thank you for sharing.

  5. JillyAn I am truly humbled by such words and compliments. I really don't know what to say. It is very hard to try and explain actions of pure and complete evil in a way that can send a message. In the few times that I've tried it took so much effort and thinking because I just didn't want to express a total hate for people who act out evil but sometimes it seems like they are the ones that the entire blame should go on but I understand that those who act out those horrible and vile deeds are truly messed up inside maybe from abused pasts as well. I will never excuse their actions though but hope that somehow we can change the cycle that seems to be continueing.

  6. Metta thank you very much for writting what you did it puts such a spot light on writting and the reasons for being completely unchained during any writting. I am truly grateful for it and hope to hear from you in the future. I'll definitely try to keep up with your blogs your writting is stunning. I am so very grateful that you like my poetry.

    Most Gratefully
    Grant Guda
    The Wannabe Poet