Friday, 26 February 2010

Outcast in Name

A name so long and odd;
What could I do along,
Lines of explanation,
Or timely insults made;
Mocked and silent I,
Did stay; in action,
And defense didn't make;
A mountain of names,
And too many letters,
How could I tell all;
It didn't happen; two,
Or three times voice,
Did break, just telling,
My name and background,
Of all five; it seemed,
A huge task for such,
Youthful days and still,
Pains the tongue to say!


  1. Thanks for following my blog, I've found a very interesting way of thinking here, I will read your poems... and I am glad to know you.

    I like very much the last two lines:

    "Youthful days and still,
    Pains the tongue to say!"

  2. I intend to follow your blog but I have some problems with Google...I hope I will succed it later...:)

  3. I am very grateful for the compliment and hope you'll enjoy my other poems. I'll try to keep up with your blog and thought it was interesting. That was my favorite part of the poem too. I hope you're able to get everything under your control; I hate it when sites and computers mess up on me.