Thursday, 4 March 2010

Finding Happiness

There is a hope,
To find that thing,
Of most wonderful;
That thing of past;
That thing of Eden;
If we loved one
Another so completely;
If we hugged each
Other so very fully;
If we cared for all
People the same;
If we held breaking
Hearts every day;
If we gave a smile
To a lost stranger;
If we picked up the
Hurting and burning;
If we saved the
Drowning children;
If we washed away
Our silly hates;
If we ventured to
Dare the corrupt;
If we helped all
The wandering souls;
Then that thing of
Eternity would return!


  1. Well said, this one should be framed and hung on every door!

  2. you write from such a beautiful, kind and innocent place.

    don't ever stray...

    Peace ~ Rene

  3. I really like this. My friend and my roommates best friend (same person) was murdered on Wednesday, and I've been giving a lot of thought to the little acts of kindness and fleeting moments that can forever change a person's life.

  4. thanks for sharing, these words really are an inspiration!