Friday, 5 March 2010

Joys of Life

Fantastic feelings felt
On summer day so long;
Emotions so wonderful
In endless adventure;
Titanically placed hugs
Most completely received;
Infinitely hindered hate
Made every single day;
In that day so beautiful
on mind and memory alike;
Bountiful laughs were
Exclaimed joyfully from
Childish lips randomly;
Life was amazing in those
Times of unhindered love,
Golden from kindness and
Caring so salivating;
Life was a great domain!


  1. hello dear,
    Thank you ever so much for the wonderful comments on my blogs. This is truly beautiful!
    Your use of words are quite flowing and soft.
    if i could wrap myself up in this i would!

    "Titanically placed hugs
    Most completely received;"
    ^these lines, just perfect!^

    you asked for advice.
    well i don't really have any advice.
    i just simply let the words pour out of me and once they have wrote themselves, i reread and edit things, move them around, think of words that suit what mood i am going for... until it feels right. My inspiration comes from mostly what i feel, a memory, and also from the silence.
    Sorry i probably haven’t helped much.
    it would also be a pleasent joy for me to join your blogs. thank you.
    - R.

  2. I've been enjoying your poetry, and will be dropping by from time to time.

  3. Sometimes there is power in merely remembering. :)

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment over on my dull little blog. I like your poems—good writings. You might want to submit some to The Storyteller Magazine. They publish a few poems here and there in their mag. There's a link to it in the link bank on my blog, if you're interested.